Sam Kimelman



The world is full of trash.



We dump an estimated 14 billion pounds of garbage into the world's oceans every year.

And when you add in how much of our creative output is totally forgettable waste, the universe has a lot of trash to deal with. Nobody has the attention span for tedious content or monotonous marketing. It's not the audience's job to care about what we create. It's our job to make them.

There is a better way. We can turn this tide.

We can make digital content that is actually worth the time it requires to read, watch, or listen. In fact, I can make it for you.


Who is Sam Kimelman?


I'm a writer, creative director, and producer who tirelessly pursues most unexpected, effective, or entertaining digital deliverables.

For five years I managed the creative department of Rock Candy Media. The work we did led the firm to become one of Austin’s Fastest Growing Companies of 2017.

Now I'm on my own, but of course I'm not alone. I work with a steady crew of collaborators to create branding, websites, videos, entire ad campaigns, and other creative pursuits to suit the clients' objectives.


What can I do?


Creative Direction & production

Good ideas are hard to come by, but making them happen is even rarer. Give me a goal and I can come back with the strategy and creative needed to get it done.


Creating a film, animation, or even a relatively simple explainer video requires a ridiculous amount of work and coordination. To make it all worthwhile, you need to start with a script that provides the blueprint for something worth watching.

Marketing consulting

As the creative director of a top-rated Austin ad agency, I was essentially the marketing director for dozens of different clients. Now I'm able to offer big picture strategy and execution on everything from branding to social to digital advertising and PR.

Content strategy & Copywriting

Content that effectively entertains, educates, raises a brand's reputation or pushes a product needs to start with an understanding of your audience and end with something they haven't seen a million times before.


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