BURKELMAN is a super fly home decor store with their own line of high-end scented candles. Each scent has a personality, presented through the naming, packaging, and what the scents evoke.

When releasing four new scents, they tasked me with the digital strategy and creative for the announcement. The difficulty of selling a scented candle online is that the user canโ€™t smell it. The scents were intriguing in their own right, but a photo of the candles and packaging wouldnโ€™t be enough to convince someone to go to the store and smell it, or even order it sight-unsmelled.

With each scent, I pictured a semi-cinematic portrayal. The music and editing are extensions of the packaging. Here is the announcement video for each new candle:

These were released on social media along with an email campaign, both augmenting an extensive PR push. The candles have amassed die-hard fans and received extensive coverage in publications such as New York Magazine, The Cut, Buzzfeed, New York Post, and others.