Geomedia came to Rock Candy Media with a branding conundrum. They offer such a wide range of services, from video production and interactive development to completely custom virtual and augmented reality installations, that there was no quick and easy way to describe what they are. I determined we could turn the perceived problem into a strength, by positioning them as cross-media wunderkind. Their new website set the tone, including their new tagline: Virtually Unstoppable



respect your vision

This was a campaign specifically for ad agencies, targeting creative directors who might want to hire Geomedia. The idea plays off the CD's biggest fear: that their brilliant idea will be mutilated by either the client or a subpar vendor. Geomedia is the production company for creatives who want to see their vision fulfilled.


Facebook ads led to this landing page…

Geomedia Austin Agency Page V2 sm.jpg

These thank you cards from the future were mailed directly to the creative directors of every major ad agency in Texas.

GeoMedia PC 3.jpg