Molly Phillips' jewelry is inspired by nature. I wanted to play on that for our first campaign together. But instead of focusing on a serene beauty for her fall line, I wanted to get to something more primal. My pitch:

The days grow darker and colder, our clothing gets thicker and starker, and we retreat from the natural world to environments filled with artificial lights, colors, and textures. In those times, people want to hold onto something wild. That's Molly Phillips' fall collection.

* * *


The campaign kicked off with an announcement to previous purchasers. There wasn't a budget for a new photo shoot, so the jewelry was photoshopped into natural settings. The designer made the clever choice of having the jewelry pop out of the scenery.


Social Ads

Molly's brand is typically colorful and bubbly, but for autumn, we toned it back.


New Website

Wild Things coincided with a rebrand and website relaunch to give the high end designs a proper home.