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Fed Up

Comedy - 30 Min

Year Completed: 2018

Chase Moretti wants to be the next Anthony Bourdain, but his reputation is more Guy Fieri. With his food and travel show on the chopping block, he has to rally his crew, navigate the elitist fine dining world, and overcome his own self-doubt to save his show and recover his dignity.


Caribbean Queen

COMEDY - 30 min

Year Completed: 2018

Fleeing her estranged family and personal responsibilities on shore, a rebellious teen runaway finds an escape among the eclectic crew of a Caribbean cruise, but brings all her troubles along with her.


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The Colony

Comedy - 30Min

Year Completed: 2018

The tale of a lost colonial expedition to the New World as told by its sole survivor. The mystery unravels, as the settlers descend into sickness, madness, and highly questionable decision making.





Adventure Capitalism

Comedy Satire

Year Completed: 2018

Determined to get into the best business school in the US, an enterprising high schooler embarks on an adventure to Mexico, where he risks his money, relationships, and life in pursuit of collegiate and commercial glory. 



Where the Darkness Lives

Adventure Horror

Coming in 2019

A television producer and an unhinged billionaire take an advanced submarine to the bottom of the Mariana Trench in pursuit of scientific discovery and personal salvation. Things don’t go well for them.


Remote Control

Comedy Thriller

Coming in 2019

When a predator drone pilot is blamed for blowing up a reality TV star, he has to evade a high tech manhunt long enough to gather evidence revealing the true culprit: a secretive computer algorithm.



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